By the end of the PD session teachers will be able to:
…effectively organize Collections and Drive through naming conventions.
…explain the difference between Email Contributors and Share Settings.
…share materials with classes through Collections.
...gather materials with classes through Collections.

Learning Activities:
1. Log into Google Drive. In Browser, or through the Google Drive application for Mac. Download the iPad / iPhone Application, or Google Drive for Android

Why so many ways? It flexes for how you want to use it.
  • In Browser, you can use it to modify Google Apps (Docs, Presentation, Drawings, Spreadsheets)
  • In the Google Drive application, it can be used as a wireless USB drive. Save any file type, and open them in Pages, Keynote etc.
  • Google Drive for iPad / iPhone / Android allows for Photos & Videos to be uploaded from your device, to be used in other places, such as iMovie on your Macbook. Most file types are supported on the Mobile version, but some do not work well on the iPad. The Android version supports almost all file types.

2. What is a Collection?
  • Collections is the new word for Folder in Google

3. How do I make a Collection?
  • In your Google Home, choose the Create Button and the last option on the menu is Collection.
  • Create a Collection.

4. What are Sharing Settings?
  • Share Settings are the general settings for a Collection or Doc. The Collection or Doc will show up in a students Google Home, but they may need to refresh the browser.
  • Set the Share Settings of your new Collection.

5. What are Email Contributors?
  • Email Contributors will send a notification to the person you are sharing the Collection or Doc with. You can choose to give permission to edit or view.
  • Email a contributor for your new Collection.

6. How can I share materials with my entire class?
  • Creating a Collection and sharing with with an entire class allows you to place items in the Collection and automatically share the items with anyone who has the Collection.
  • Set up a Collection for one of your classes.
  • In Schoology, Google Drive can be added as a "Resource".
First, Schoology needs access to your Google Drive. (see Pic below)
Google Drive to Schoology.jpeg
  • Secondly, Add your Collection as a "Resource" in Schoology.
  • Thirdly, change Google Drive permissions for the Collection. Needs to be changed to "Anyone with the Link"
  • Alternatively, This can be done through a Google Spreadsheet & the GClass Folders Script. http://www.gclassfolders.com/home

7. How can I gather materials from my students?
  • Have a student share a Collection with you; anything they place in the Collection will be available to you and the student for editing.
  • Have students make Collections to share with you.
  • Naming conventions are very important for organization. We are recommending the following guidelines for assignments: Block, Grade, Assignment, Last Name, First Name (as it is in PowerSchool).
  • The following guidelines for Collections: Block, Grade, Last Name, First Name (as it is in PowerSchool).
  • The GClass Folders Script auto generates a very similar structure to this method. See here

Google Drive on iOS

Take photos or video and save them directly to your drive.