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Part 1: Account Setting

a) Overview

Sign into your Youtube Tube account (If you are signed into Chrome, this will happen automatically)
Select your name (as below) and a Menu will open up.
Select YouTube Settings
access My Channel.jpg

Want to quickly and easily upload videos straight from your Cell phone? Email your videos…to yourself! YouTube has allocated you a personal email account just for this sole purpose. Add it to your Contacts on your Mac and Synch your Mobile Devices. (If you can’t do this (because it’s not available, we’ll return to it once you have ‘Verified’ your account)

Overview - Mobile Uploads.jpg

b) Connected Accounts

Under Account Settings, you can go down the menu to ‘Connected Accounts. You might consider hooking up your other Social Media Accounts….

Connected Accounts.jpg

Part 2: Profile and About (your Channel)

a) Artwork

If you haven’t yet created your Profile Art, then this is how to do it.

Click once again on your name at the top right of screen, and select My Channel.
access My Channel.jpg
You’ll see a blank canvas here asking you to add you art. Select an image that does not exceed 2560x1440px in dimension, and 2MB in file size. Here’s a sample after art is added.
Video Channel - My Artwork.jpg
There are 2 pictures though. The small inset picture is the profile picture. This comes from Google+ if you have activated it. If not, you will be able to again select the pencil icon and upload directly.

b) About (Describe your Channel)

A well organised and labelled channel will make you more easily found and identifiable on the internet. Click ‘About’ and create a description.

If you have a blog or website, you could also consider linking this in too to cross promote.

My Channel - About.jpg

Good examples of Channel:

Good example of a plylist:

Part 3: Video Manager: Playlists

While your YouTube Channel can be thought of like a TV Channel, like any channel, there are a range of categories for viewing. These categories are listed, in YouTube, into Playlists. There are 2 ways to create a Playlist. If you have a Playlist idea that readily comes to mind, you can create it directly in the Video Manager.
Video Manager - Playlists.jpg

The other way is creating them ‘on the fly’. Let’s say you are interested in The Beatles, and with the plethora of YouTube videos dedicated to them, you want to create your own listing. Here’s how to create your new Playlist when you’ve found your first entry.
YouTube - Add to Playlist.jpg

Part 4: Channel Settings

a) Verify your Account

There are advantages to having a ‘Verified’ account. One of the more obvious is ability to post videos that exceed 15mins. Go to Channel Settings > Features and Verify now. If you are in ‘Good Standing’ you will instantly be verified.

Account in Good Standing.jpg
Account in Good Standing pt2.jpg.jpg

Account in Good Standing pt3.jpg.jpg

Another advantage of being ‘Verified’ is you can add you own ‘Watermark’ image to any new video that you post (i.e. a video you have created and own).

b) Add a Watermark to your own Content

In Video Programming - Add Watermark.jpg.jpg

In Video Programming - Watermark 3.jpg

In Video Programming - Uploaded Watermark.jpg.jpg

In Video Programming - Watermark 4.jpg

c) Channel Settings

Now it’s time to really dig into the detail of your Channel. Start with the Defaults, as below:

Channel Settings - Defaults.jpg

…and from the left Manu, select ‘Advanced’ to make some additional settings choices. Included (in blue) is how to change the name of your actual Channel. It defaults to your name. You may wish to change this, which you can do by selecting 'change' next to your existing Channel name.

Channel Settings - Advanced .jpg.jpg

PDF of this tutorial: