Ed Tech Glossary
These terms are good to know when dealing with the Ed Tech Team. Dropping them during conversations with Ed Tech Team members will endure them to you and possibly provide a better level of overall service due to feelings of solidarity.

Andrei: (noun) 1. a point given for outstanding achievement in the field of excellence. 2. The Ed Tech extra external hard drive. 3. An employee who never actually turns up for work.
Ben-it-up: (verb) to make something look more slick and polished (coined by Steve).
Brick: (noun) an old white Macbook now used as a server of some type.
Carding: (verb) to place business cards in another Ed Tech member's personal effects.
Desoner: (noun) a state of mental bliss achieved by Art when he designs new or improves something.
Deviled: (verb) to be shot with two Nerf Darts on the forehead that stick and appear to be horns.
Dowf: (noun) a spiritless, stupid, or gloomy person.
Helpfulish: (Adjective, Adverb) to act in a manner that on the surface appears helpful, but in fact is really not helpful.
Koreanise: (verb) to make something Korean (coined by Ben).
Pulling-a-Bernhardi: (verb) Not actually knowing the answer to a question, but accidentally getting the answer to the question correct.
Re-Crapify: (verb) To make something look or feel bad/uncool again after originally making it much better. This process is normally done because a person in "power" has not been consulted about the change and upon discovering the change, they demand that the original be reinstated immediately no matter how poor the quality of the original is. Usually happens to Art.
Retinal: (verb) to be shot to the eye with a Nerf Dart
Slapper: (noun) 1. a Nerf dart fired at a co-worker that makes a slapping sound and sticks to the skin for at least 1 full second. 2. a dart that nearly hits the intended target and sticks to the wall or furniture for several seconds.
Swear: (verb) to utter the names of outdated technology; i.e. print, fax, snail mail, page. 100 KRW must be paid to the fine jar.
Taking-an-Andrei: (verb) not showing up to work.
Tech God: (noun) the demi-god that is responsible for all technology.
Unicorned: (verb) to be shot with a Nerf Dart on the forehead and it sticks for at least 15 seconds.