Beyond the Wikisphere: Welcome to Schoology and Edmodo

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  1. Participate in a short guided tour of Schoology and Edmodo
  2. Engage after the session in further learning and engagement with other KIS participants via Schoology and/or Edmodo
  3. Consider adopting one of these platforms for your classroom learning

While Wikispaces is an extremely useful and practical platform to use in schools and classrooms, due mainly to use simplicity, the conclusion increasing numbers of educators are coming to is that we cannot really connect (easily) with our students and truly engage.

Wikis are for mainly for posting (information) and retrieving...

Enter Schoology and Edmodo, just two in a growing field of Learning Management Systems that allow students to truly 'participate' and engage in learning, in a secure environment (password protected).

Schoology and Edmodo are social media platforms often described as a Facebook for schools. They are that and much more. Both platforms attract teachers and students with a social element that resembles Facebook, but there’s even greater value in the educational applications. Schoology and Edmodo combine social media with learning, which also includes parents.


Session Plan and Comments at the end:

Get started:
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Which one?In this session you will be taken on a walkthrough of the central features of these two management systems. Download the pdf below for a quick comparison between Wikispaces, Schoology and Edmodo. It may help you to identify if you want to try something new, and if so, which one.

After the session:We understand that this session will not teach you how to use either platform. Our goal is only to introduce so that you can make an informed decision about possible change in how you manage learning in and outside your classroom. We therefore invite you to:

  • start engaging in our Schoology and Edmodo groups, to share ideas, comments, observations, and resources.
  • to book a class, or classes with a member of your EdTech team to come to your classroom and assist in getting your class off to a flying start.
  • share you experiences of this session on Twitter using the KIS hashtag: