Step by step reimaging procedures

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Quick Cheatsheet for Reimaging

(The presentation above is much more detailed.)
Before Reimaging
1. Use Time Machine to back up
2. Save any information you have on sticky notes (they don’t back up)
3. Save your bookmarks (they don’t back up)
4. If you have added any fonts to your library save them on an external drive or copy them to your documents folder. They won’t be restored.
5. Dashboard Widgets are not backed up. If you have any favorites, make a list of them. You can reinstall them after being reimaged.
6. Any software you have installed will not be backed up. Note the applications so you can download them after the reimage.

After Reimaging
1. Create your login account. Make sure you have administrator privileges.
2. Delete the generic KIS user account
3. Restore your account from backup.
4. Do not use any software before restoring the files discussed below.
5. Replace contents of the following folders:

6. Replace sticky notes
7. Import bookmarks
8. Download & install widgets and any additional applications.

*Most applications need to be installed with an installer. Many will not run by simply copying them over. Do not copy your applications folder. You will have to install your applications one at a time.
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