PowerSchool 201 -- The Next Level
After this session, teachers will be able to...
... Use the new seating chart feature of PowerSchool.
... Use the bank to make generic comments.
... Recall the grade book set up for the semester.

Seating Chart Attendance
One of the new features in PowerSchool is that you can organize your attendance in seating charts. The following photos will show the steps in the process.
PS New Feature 1.jpg
PS New Features 2.jpg
PS New Features 3.jpg

Adding Comments to the Comment Bank
The next features you will need to access in your grade book. After opening your grade book, you will need to go to the preference penel. Follow the steps in the photos below.
PS New Features 4.jpg
PS comment bank 1.jpg
PS comment bank 2.jpg

Grade Book Setup
The three photos below will walk you through the grade book set up for the semester. Even if you believe you set your grade book up for the second semester, please check it. If you make changes, don't forget to click on the Save button.
PS Grade set up 1.jpeg
PS Grade set up 2.jpg
PS Grade set up 3.jpg