Pimp my Wiki: Appearances are (nearly) Everything!

Session Overview:

Interacting with students colleagues
Manage a wiki
Customizing features of your wiki, including Widgets

A/ Interacting with students and ePortfolios

There are any number of ‘types’ of wikis, but in an educational setting, these might be classified simply under the following:

i. Post and Retrieve
Teacher posts information and downloadable documents, which students and parents can ‘retrieve’.
e.g. http://brainstem.phoenix.wikispaces.net/Unit+1-+History%2C+Approaches+%26+Research+Methods
ii. Students upload work for assessment
Students (individually or in groups) have dedicated places to upload their work for assessment or sharing with other students.
e.g. http://jstephens.phoenix.wikispaces.net/National+Festival+Honor+Choir+2012; http://timeline.phoenix.wikispaces.net/Min+Kuk

iii. Students and teachers interact (ePortfolio)
Teacher and students ‘share’ the space, incorporating elements of both Post and Retrieve and Students Upload. Teachers (and student peers) interact by providing feedback in the form of a dialogue.
e.g. http://7g1scottnies.phoenix.wikispaces.net/

All of the above are of equal validity, because the type of wiki you create depends entirely on the context, audience and purpose. For educators, knowing how to create these types of wikis is significant though. the other additional feature of any of these different approaches is that Units and resources can very easily be shared between members of any given Department. This includes hogwans too of course.

B/ Manage Wiki

Manage Wiki > Setting Permissions
Manage Wiki > People > Permissions
Set ‘whole wiki’ default settings for who can view and edit your wiki
Manage Wiki > Settings > Page Permissions
Deviate from your ‘default’ security settings by customizing permissions for specific pages. Useful if creating a page for each student.
Manage Wiki > Look and Feel
Themes and Colors
Templates and Color Blocks (*Note: if wanting to create a web banner of your own, Select ‘Flex’ and attend Wednesday PD from 3-4pm)

C/ Customizing features of your wiki, including Widgets

Each time you ‘Create Page’, the Page name appears automatically to the Navigation Sidebar. This is very handy, unless of course you want to arrange them under headings (that are not links), or want to rearrange the order of your pages. To do either of these things, you need to ‘edit navigation’, which is always at the bottom of the page links.

Navigation Sidebar > Edit Navigation
Remove ‘Navigation Widget’ and type in Page Names manually. Link to appropriate page.

There are many add-ons that can be included to improve the experience for your users. These are called ‘Widgets’, and consist of an ‘embed code’ (HTML).

Add Widgets
  • Select relevant page
  • Edit
  • Place cursor in approximate position that you want the widget to be
  • Refer to screen shot below for areas we will explore to begin with:

Here is a list of Widgets that you can find online




Social Studies:

http://www.widgipedia.com/widgets/gallery/ (collection)

You can find many others like this online! An example of how to ‘embed’ a Widget: