Project Based Learning with Google Docs

Session Duration: 30mins
Goal: Demonstrate and have teachers collaboratively participate in a project design (using a Question Matrix), resulting in a product using Google Docs.
  1. Open Gmail
  2. Create a New Contact Group with participants for given session
  3. Open Google Docs
  4. Open Question Matrix, make a copy of it and Share with new Group (setting Permissions to Edit)Create_New_Menu_in_Google_Docs_screenshot.png
  5. Participants open Gmail and shared Doc
  6. Discuss the document design and purpose (i.e. project-based project design that utilises thinking skills)
  7. Participants examine the 'start' that has been made and begin to collaborate in completing more cells in the Matrix
  8. Instructor demonstrates role of teacher in ‘monitoring’ the collaboration us ing Insert > Comments. Also show Comment Threads.
  9. Discuss potential 'products' for this project by examining the ‘Create New’ Menu list
  10. Depending on number of participants, the group may decide to design a Form to create a questionnaire, or perhaps a Presentation...or both, by dividing the task.
  11. Presenter demonstrates and invites participants to See Revision History (File > See..)
Session Notes
Blank Question Matrix (upload it and use/adapt and collaborate with your class!)

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