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You are invited to attend our One to World: iPads for Parents, which are for parents to see for themselves what the One to World program will offer our Grade 3 and 4 students in 2013-14. Live translation in Korean provided.

10 April
Session 1: iOS Basics and Student Usage Management.
You will learn the basic features of the iPad and how Accounts are managed for learning. We introduce you to how KIS will manage (and avoid distractions) of the device while at KIS

17 April
Session 2: Apps in Education
A classroom experience demonstrating how iPad computing can provide individualised learning opportunities in the key curriculum areas of literacy and numeracy.

24 April
Session 3: Communication Tools.
In the session you will participate in a classroom experience that takes learning beyond the classroom. You will also learn how to use the iPad to communicate with your own child with the Message, Calendar and Alert features.

1 May
Session 4: Camera and Microphone.
The iPad is a powerful and easy to use tool for creating media. In the session, you will learn how to scan QR codes, scan and convert documents, screen-cast (mathematical processes), movies and podcasts in the classroom.

8 May
Session 5: Sharing, Managing and Collaborating with Files
Experience how to manage files with 16-64GB of hard drive space! With the iPad, sharing and collaboration is essential, and you will learn all the tricks we will teach your child!

15 May
Session 6: Model Lesson with iPads.
This is a Math lesson like that of our Grade 3 or 4 classes. Learn how the iPad is used as a resource in a Math lesson, and combine elements learned in our previous sessions.

* An iPad will be provided for your learning, however you may bring your own to use.

Contact: bsummerton@kis.or.kr for more details or any questions.