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Multimedia Project Planning Questionnaire

AIM: Design technology projects that purposely evaluate the desired student learning outcomes.

  1. Aim of the session
  2. Example of a 'flawed project'
  3. Evaluate and modify flawed project
  4. Your planning: using the EdTech planning scaffold
  5. Share and Evaluate planning
  6. Next steps...

Below are some of the planning questions that EdTech commonly follow when planning units with teachers here at KIS. This is not a template, but rather a series of guiding questions to orient the planning.

The focus is premised on the UbD Framework. Focussed on the student learning outcomes we seek to have students demonstrated, these guiding questions help orient this thought process. Not all questions will necessarily be applicable to you.

Sample from the Flawed Example.png

Flawed: Redesigned....
Flawed Example Redesigned.png

Tips for effective use of technology in the Classroom:
Teach students to use the software (& let them know potential hurdles)
Have a good understanding and experience with the technology you expect students to use.
Share projects online
Reflection after the project
Be realistic in timeframe offered to students
Be clear about whether your Project is intended to demonstrate learning that has occurred, or to be an ongoing part of the learning process towards achieving the curricular goal(s).

1. What is the curricular focus of the unit?
  • What should students understand?
  • What knowledge and skills should students gain?
  • What standards will be addressed?
  • What evidence do you need to assess student understanding?

2. How can a multimedia project be used for students to show what they know?

3. How have you done this in the past, or is this a first time?

4. Will the multimedia project be a part of the learning process or a summative product?

5. How much class time are you willing to devote to the project?

6. What skills do you and/or your students need to be successful? How will you assess their proficiency in those skills? How will you teach the necessary technical skills to your students?

7. What will students be evaluated/assessed on? (curricular, technical, individual, group, time specifications) Are those items identified in your desired results? How will you differentiate the assessment for technical creativity vs. content or skill application?

8. What benchmarks must/should your students meet before starting the technical pieces? How will you scaffold the project?

9. How clear are you on what you want for the final product. Have you attempted the project in advance? Have you critiqued sample projects with your students?

10. Why is this project an effective way to demonstrate the desired goals for the unit?

11. Reevaluate project choice. Is this really the best choice or are there alternatives?

12. Do you wish to consult your students about the project design and requirements? This is often an opportunity to align the project goals with the curriculum goals.

13. Design/Reevaluate your assessment tool.

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