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Download MinecraftPocket Edition for iOS $6.99Minecraft for Mac OS $28 (You must create a Mojang account)
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Crafting is the process of creating tools and other objects with the resources you retrieve from your environment. This process can be done on a 2x2 crafting grid. Items are placed on the crafting table to create a specific object.

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Additional Minecraft in Education Resources

Examples of Minecraft in Education

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Creating a Wifi Access Point for Minecraft PE

Students from other classes can join your classes' Minecraft worlds and destroy their projects. The solution to this situation teachers transform their MacBooks into a WiFi access point. Here are the steps you will need to take to do the same thing.

1. Click on the Apple icon in the menu bar and click on System Preferences.
2. Under Internet & Wireless click on Sharing.

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3. Then click on Internet Sharing on the left, and then choose mode of connection under Share your connection from:. Next choose a mode of connection from the To computers using:. Finally, you can click Start.

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Make sure to click on Wi-Fi Options in the bottom corner to create a password for your access point.

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You are now ready to go! Have your students log into your Wifi access point with the password you created.