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Becoming an iTunes U Author

KIS on iTunes U

Why iTunes U?

Creating an iTunes U course is a great way to help your students to be organized, and to "push" new assignments and other activities to them. Think of your iTunes U course as a place to curate the resources you already use. With iBooks Author, you can create your own textbook specifically for your course and share it with your students. You can also create collections of work that students produced for your class.

Introduction of new courses

To handle the load of management issues that come with creating and organizing a course, we have developed a cohort model for producing new courses. In groups of five, new courses will be introduced and developed for the KIS iTunes U portal. This way each course will have a dedicated EdTech team member to help with its creation and management. If you have an proposal for a new course, please fill out the form. Our first cohort will begin April 1. Future cohorts will begin when five new courses are ready to be added. Teachers must have new courses ready to launch by July 31, 2013. The EdTech team will begin helping you build the course in the iTunes U Course Manager website. The website requires the use of the Safari web browser.

Interested in creating an iTunes U course?

Follow these steps:
1. Develop the idea for your course
2. Create some content (videos, handouts, links, etc.)
3. Fill out the form below.
*Please feel free to consult with any member of the EdTech team at any time during this process. We are here to support you.