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Demonstrate that we have a well managed environment (MDM)

  1. Show examples of learning on the iPad
  2. The Myth of “An App for Everything” vs a solid core of good apps.
  3. When to use Technology vs the old school approach.


Evaluating iOS Apps

The following Rubric is a tool that the EdTech Department has created to evaluate the worth and potential use of an App in your classroom. While there are similar and often more extensive rubrics available for this purpose, we have chosen to focus on the core ingredients for selecting an appropriate App. These are common ways to evaluate and make pedagogical decisions:
Links to KIS Curriculum
Skills are not relevant to KIS curriculum outcomes.
Skills indirectly support KIS curriculum outcomes.
Skills reinforced are linked to KIS curriculum.
Skills reinforced are directly linked to KIS curriculum.
Bloom’s Taxonomy
Remember: Students recall learned concepts.

Understand: Students explain, analyse, compare, translation, restatement
Apply: Students show; complete; use; examine; illustrate; classify; and solve.
Analyse: Students examine; explain; identify; categorise; contrast; and investigate.

Students justify; assess; prioritise; recommend; rate; decide; and choose.
Create: Students plan; invent; compose; design; construct; imagine.
Level of technology integration (SAMR)
Technology acts as direct tool substitute, with no functional change.
Augmentation: Technology acts as a direct tool substitute, with functional improvement.
Modification: Technology allows for significant task redesign.
Redefinition: Technology allows for the creation of new tasks, previously inconceivable.
App targeted to, and restricted to narrowly defined skill set.
App offers a series of defined stages levels of complexity e.g. easy, medium or hard.
App has adjustable settings for different levels of flexibility.
Application offers complete range of student needs.

What apps are on the iPads at KIS?

"I think there probably is an App for Everything. I think the "App for Everything" idea lends itself to rote learning, or drill and kill. There might be good Apps for these things, but I wouldn't look for an App to solve my pedagogical challenges. I would come up with a good lesson and go from there." - Steve Katz